Insightful Leaders inspire Extraordinary Engagement  

Leadership is a gift, not a right. To be able lead effectively we must be able to lead ourselves. Leadership is the call we have to step into the very best we can be, which equals being our most effective selves to obtain the desired engagement in our business and thus influence the outcomes that make a difference.


Uncover which Archetype of Success YOU ARE, including YOUR diminished & shadow self...

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Challenging old world Thinking 

The WILLINGNESS & ABILITY to challenge the STATUS QUO that no longer serves.

Using the Meta Dynamics™-Critical Alignment Model™ we conducted a needs analysis on YOUR business to identify the gaps in any or all of the 4 critical dimensions:

  • Environment
  • Structure
  • Implementation
  • People

Once the gaps are identified, we know how to structure our thinking and where to focus our attention creating the momentum to influence the desired change.  

You like proper English with no slang and girls who don't swear
You think someone else can take away all your problems


You prefer soft messages & wishful thinking
You're really straight laced and easily offended


Rachael brings her unique and laser-like focus to any task that she is undertaking; she is creative, compassionate, adventurous, engaging, a skilled communicator and above all she is excited by the opportunity to share ideas and insights.
All that said, there is one characteristic which you should not expect of her: mediocrity. 
John Petherick, Founder Art of Selling, Phuket, Thailand


I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the difference that you make at Manpower. 

I know we have talked about this before, but I wanted to tell you that this place would not be the same without you. 

You bring to Manpower an energy, enthusiasm, and teach people (including me) about what can be accomplished when you approach each situation with the right perspective. 
I am so very grateful to you. 

You put so much heart and soul into our organisation and are a big force in shifting the culture.   
Randy Upright, CEO Manpower Services, Alberta, Canada


"the why gal" Consulting Group 


WELCOME, it's time for ENGAGEment that Matters

We spend the majority of our lives at work. And what I find scary is most people aren't having a good time. Actually most of them are having an average time with equally average results.
As business owners, this can have us pulling our hair out as we attempt to put out fires here, there and everywhere while wanting our people to be as invested in the Vision, Mission and Values as much as we are! 

The Meta Dynamics™ methodology is revolutionizing the next stages of NLP. Created on the foundations of The Critical Alignment Model™ which provides an accurate gap analysis on the 4 fundamental dimensions in your business: Environment, Structure, Implementation and People to provide actionable insights to why you are experiencing the good, the bad and the ugly in your business. We can now address the cause rather than the symptom. Now bring in the Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool and Diagnostic, the first statically proven Coaching Tool for transformation work, all the guess work is now removed and you hold a clear picture of accurate thinking which highlights the roadmap to follow to obtain your DESIRED OUTCOMES.

This is the "why" behind partnering with "the why gal" Consulting Group, we've got ya covered. 


Experience the difference that is Meta Dynamics™

Uncover which Archetype of Success YOU ARE, including YOUR diminished & shadow self...

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Disruptive Leadership 

  • Build the Culture
  • Set the Benchmarks
  • Grow the team

Your outstanding leadership program, not for managers. It's a model for leader who want to shake up the status quo and build incredible cultures where passionate people thrive!  

Partnering with Sharon Pearson, creator of the Disruptive Leadership Program and author of Disruptive Leadership
(aka the bible, cheeky-just sayin!)

"the why gal" Consulting Group

Reasons 4 us NOT to do business

Create OUTSTANDING Engagement, Leadership & CULTURE in your Business
OUTSTANDING is YOUR special and unique flavour of why, what and who your business/brand stands for!
Everyone knows, lives and demonstrates the Vision, Mission and the Values,
Challenge the STATUS QUO and show others how it's done...
Yes you can create and sustain a high level of engagement where High Performers, the Vibe and Results are thriving!
The focus is on benchmarks which create the GOLD STANDARD in your playing field. 
Quality of Life, a Company of Insightful Leaders 
YOUR Company is filled with Leaders who lead themselves. 
They are driven by the desire to be part of something greater than themselves-a mission worth fighting for! 


Whilst being an avid traveller/adventurer I have used my professional and personal life experience to build a career of excellence dedicated to Leadership, Engagement and Culture. Both have taken me across the globe to experience many different cultures while building my muscle every step of the way, working in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

My love of learning is demonstrated through my tertiary and holistic studies leading with the Meta Dynamics™ methodology, Design and Movement.  These tools influence my diverse ability to connect with varied audiences providing a powerful message impacting empowering results. 

Being a highly trained Meta Dynamics™ Practitioner and member of the International Coaching Guild I am bound by the ICG Code of Ethics to deliver the highest quality service, that's HOW we roll. 


Uncover which Archetype of Success YOU ARE, including YOUR diminished and shadow self...





"the why gal" Consulting Group 
Hawthorn, Melbourne
VIC 3122, Australia.

Phone: +61 428 271 915 




ENGAGEment that Matters

Uncover which Archetype of Success YOU ARE, including YOUR diminished & shadow self...

Yes to a Complimentary Mini Meta Dynamics™ Profile

Uncover which Archetype of Success YOU ARE, including YOUR diminished & shadow self...

Yes to a Complimentary Mini Meta Dynamics™ Profile
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"the why gal" Consulting Group 

Yes to a Complimentary Mini Meta Dynamics™ Profile

Over the years I have had the pleasure of being at the forefront of award winning cultures, implementing global quality processes, while creating programs all so successful they became part of the organisation's strategic plans for retention.

With over 10 years direct experience in this space and the #1 leading Meta Dynamics™ methodology being the platform on which to serve your business, I know together we can improve and create the results that really drive momentum, engagement and GOLD STANDARD Outcomes. 

Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool

Take your communication, leadership and results to levels you only previously dreamed of and now they are you reality!

The first of its kind in the market, backed up by statististical data, the Meta Dynamics™ Profiling Tool and Diagnostic is set to become the number #1 Profiling tool for transformational work in the world.

Designed around accurate thinking the tool assesses the individual's current thinking style and determines the area/s to focus on and create the change desired by the individual. 


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